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Cathy is a beautiful person inside and out.  She is a dear friend of mine.  We’ve know each other since high school and she has not changed at all.  She looks so amazing.  Her smile and happy disposition is so contagious.  I photographed her two gorgeous daughters earlier that day.  Here is the link to their sister’s portrait session.   Being a Roseville portrait photographer, I had request that Cathy drive all the way from San Francisco for her session.  I’m glad she did because we both enjoyed the portrait session and laughing.  She loved her glamorous looking and posing for me.  Her make up that I applied looked great on her.  I love capturing her natural beauty and beautiful smile.

Here is what Cathy had to say about her portrait experience:

“Being a working Mom I don’t have the time to get dolled up- and the kind of work I do, make up is not a requirement. So when Sharon suggested a photo session (or maybe it was my daughter’s ) I jumped at the chance of getting full on makeup and be photographed too!! It was so much fun, and seeing the finished products shows the fun, loving side of me that Sharon has known for years!
Voila!! Thanks, Sharon”

Every woman should have a beautiful portrait.  Call to book your session at 916-749-2268.  You’ll love the experience of seeing how beautiful you really are.

Glamorous portrait sessionStudio glamorous woman in black dressGlamourandBoudoir-03GlamourandBoudoir-04Sacramento studio Boudoir and glamour photosGlamourandBoudoir-06GlamourandBoudoir-07

I just love photographing women of all ages.  I really enjoy it most when I am able to relax my client so the expression is natural.  This portrait session with Elvira was super fun.  I love her beautiful and face…and those eyes..so magnificent!   Her look was so perfect in all of our backdrop changes and even the make up.  I personally did her hair and make up. That was a lot fun.  We started with the light airy look for the casual outfit she wore and we moved to the more glamorous toward the end.  As we moved along, I applied heavier make up on her.  She looked amazing in the different looks I put her in.

Every woman should have a portrait.  Please call me at 916-749-2268 or email me at schoyt@comcast.net and book your portrait today and I’ll guarantee that it will be the most beautiful portrait of you you’ll ever have.

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My twin boys graduated a couple of weeks ago from high school.  My older son graduated two years ago.   It was quite emotional and somewhat surreal to think that  it is official…my boys are adults.  Being a single mom and raising three teenage boys 24/7 with too much testosterone in house was not a piece of cake. I can say with some hesitation..it was worth the mental breakdown. (LOL)  Looking back when they were babies, people often ask me how hard it must have been taking care of three toddlers (twin boys and another boy who is only 13 months older) during the day and most nights with no outside help.  It was actually the most fun and most memorable time of my life.  Our decision to quit my good paying day job to stay home with them was the best decision ever and would recommend it in a heart beat.  Being there when they wake up in the morning, feeding all three at same time, the never ending changing of diapers, taking them to zoo, the museum, and even to the grocery store (yes, all three under 4 years old) was an adventure that I happily took on.  As they moved on to their teens and the divorce, it made our lives a lot more challenging than ever.  There were endless squabbling over chores, rules, behavior, anger, teen angst, etc.  And now my kids are officially adults.  The parent role has changed.  The task of being a guide rather than  a care taker to my children is a hard adjustment for me as I always enjoyed taking care of their needs.  The big challenge for me is to prepare them toward independence and to make them understand what it really takes to be on their own.  Like many teenagers living in this amazing community of ours and growing up in a comfortable home with  their own bedrooms and swimming pool, they have not had much opportunity to experience what it’s like to work hard for what they want as I and my siblings did at their age.  My boys are still trying to find out who they are. But, I know they are are caring, intelligent young men and I hope that they find what their true passion is and follow it.  Although my care taking years are officially over, I feel there is more work in guiding them to the best of my ability in becoming the best men they can be. And, so my work continues.



What can I say about this wedding but amazing!!  Yvonne and Ryan were married at the beautiful Seka Hills Olive Mill. Yvonne looking gorgeous in her custom-made gown by Miosa Bride.  I can tell how much fun she was having that day although the weather did not cooperate as planned.  The day started off so sunny and beautiful even though the weather channel says that rain is eminent.  The outdoor wedding was set up as planned hoping that the storm will bypass the wedding site.  However, at the very last minute..okay less than 20 minutes before ceremony started, they made the executive decision to move the ceremony into the tent.  And so there was a mad dash to get the chairs into the tent and set up the ceremony there instead.

Although the wedding wasn’t going to happen outdoors as planned, Yvonne and Ryan still had that great outlook.  Yvonne was still had a smile and really was taking in the moment.  The rain came down and quickly left.  Unfortunately, it was during the time of the wedding and family photos.  But as soon as the sun came out, we were able to take photos on the beautiful ceremony stage with huge picture frame.

The decor was beautifully designed by the talented Tom Ursini, The Party Concierge.  Amazing flowers and gold and sparkles everywhere just like Yvonne wanted.  Party music and the gorgeous lighting designed by MR DJ Event Services.

Seka Hill Olive Mill is located just down the street from Cache Creek Casino where the wedding couple got ready.  They include some of Yvonne’s indian heritage into the ceremony.  The woven basket that I photographed the rings on were from Yvonne’s grandmother.  It is a rare and delicate and has so much meaning to the family.  The bundle of burning sage was part of the wedding ritual.  And, of course the feathers which is a huge importance to American Indians.  I loved being part of this wedding, from the tradition to the small details that so many people helped to pull together.  At the end..rain or shine, Yvonne and Ryan are now married and the memories of their beautiful day is documented in this collection of photos that I am honored to give to them.  Congratulation to the couple!

Wedding ceremony site and reception site:  Sekc Hills Olive Mill 

Before wedding: Cache Creek Casino

Flowers and Designer: Tom Ursini, The Party Concierge 916-440-8080

Bridal gown: Miosa Bride

Cake and catering: Cache Creek Casino



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Serena is a beautiful young lady with a sweet demeanor. I just loved photographing her beautiful face.  She is very polite and kind-hearted.  I really enjoyed our senior portrait session.  Here are a few things about Serena and few tips about what to expect when you book a senior portrait session with Sharon Hoyt Photography.

  1. What extracurricular activities are you involved in? What about any interests?

I have played piano since kindergarten. My interests are traveling, and spending time with family and my boyfriend.

  1. What kind of look were you going for in the shoot?

I wanted to do a more modern/ urban style. I wore the striped t-shirt and black skirt and the polka dot dress because they reminded me of a Parisian look. I wore the blue dress because it was long and summery.

  1. How was your overall senior photo session experience?

I loved getting my makeup done and taking pictures. I really liked how my pictures turned out.

  1. What’s one piece of advice you have for other seniors getting their picture taken?

I would say be yourself and be relaxed. Just have fun!

  1. How many outfits did you bring and was it enough? Was it too much? Anything you’d change?

I brought 3 outfits and they were the perfect amount!

  1. How did you choose to accessorize your outfits?

I wore necklaces and earring with each outfit.

7.  How would you advise someone else to prepare for a senior photo session?

Pick a cute outfit that you really love and that you’re comfortable in!

8.  Any tips on hair or makeup? Please list any vendors/salons you went to here, as well.

Make sure you bring hairspray or gel for fly away hairs.

9.  What was your biggest fear or worry about the photo shoot? What was the outcome?

I was worried my hair would keep ruining the pictures because of the wind. Surprisingly, the wind actually helped with my hair and made it look natural.

10. If you chose our session location, tell me why you chose that place. Did you like the location?

I chose Old Roseville because I wanted to have an urban area with bricks and street lamps.

11.  What are your plans for after high school graduation?

I will be attending Sacramento State in Fall 2016 as a child development major. I can’t wait to become an elementary school teacher!

12.  What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

I would say I’m passionate, caring and determined.