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I love photographing teens.  They have so much energy and fun.  I photographed Sophie on her birthday along with her friends.   I thought that they all deserved a separate posts.  Sophie and her friends all had their make up done and it looks great…subtle and appropriate for their age.  We had several clothing changes.  I love the laughter and awkwardness in the beginning and then they let loose and the fun photos came to life.   I enjoying photographing portraits in my studio. It makes them feel like models.  Sophie to me has that classic beauty.  She is a budding actress.  She reminds me of Grace Kelly.  I had a beauty portrait session with her mom.  You can view Sherri’s beauty and glamour session here.  I’ll be posting her friends session soon.

If you are interested in booking your teen portrait session, please call me at 916-749-2268.

Teen session in pink dress in gold backgroundTeen photo session in white backgroundSharonHoytPhotography-09Teen girl  in portrait studio Happy teen in red dress in sparkly backgroundSharonHoytPhotography-06

I’ve photographed weddings in the snow a few time before but I had not had the opportunity to do a portrait session with the snow as the backdrop.  Being a Roseville senior portrait photographer, I’m more used to the green grass or brown in the summer, sessions with oak trees as a backdrop.  So I decided why not do some sessions in the snow.  Lauren looked amazing in her black dress.  I love her steel blue hair and how it looked great with the snow as her backdrop.  I say perfect!! I’ll be sharing a few more snow senior portraits in my next few posts.  Stay tuned.020SharonHoytPhotographyhigh school senior girlhigh school senior photossenior picture in the snow


Portraits of high school seniors is one of my favorites.  I just love going out and finding a beautiful place with the most beautiful lighting and backdrop.  And of course, having one beautiful subject with a sweet personality is the best part.  Madison just graduated from high school.  She is an accomplished ballerina and is on her way in perusing her dream.  These photos turned out so beautifully and I’m sure she will cherish for years to come.

Senior girl in meadowhigh school senior girl in white dressRosevilleSeniorphotos-03high school senior girl standing next to a treeRosevilleSeniorphotos-05RosevilleSeniorphotos-06RosevilleSeniorphotos-07RosevilleSeniorphotos-08RosevilleSeniorphotos-09RosevilleSeniorphotos-10high school senior girl in grassRosevilleSeniorphotos-12

Cathy is a beautiful person inside and out.  She is a dear friend of mine.  We’ve know each other since high school and she has not changed at all.  She looks so amazing.  Her smile and happy disposition is so contagious.  I photographed her two gorgeous daughters earlier that day.  Here is the link to their sister’s portrait session.   Being a Roseville portrait photographer, I had request that Cathy drive all the way from San Francisco for her session.  I’m glad she did because we both enjoyed the portrait session and laughing.  She loved her glamorous looking and posing for me.  Her make up that I applied looked great on her.  I love capturing her natural beauty and beautiful smile.

Here is what Cathy had to say about her portrait experience:

“Being a working Mom I don’t have the time to get dolled up- and the kind of work I do, make up is not a requirement. So when Sharon suggested a photo session (or maybe it was my daughter’s ) I jumped at the chance of getting full on makeup and be photographed too!! It was so much fun, and seeing the finished products shows the fun, loving side of me that Sharon has known for years!
Voila!! Thanks, Sharon”

Every woman should have a beautiful portrait.  Call to book your session at 916-749-2268.  You’ll love the experience of seeing how beautiful you really are.

Glamorous portrait sessionStudio glamorous woman in black dressGlamourandBoudoir-03GlamourandBoudoir-04Sacramento studio Boudoir and glamour photosGlamourandBoudoir-06GlamourandBoudoir-07

I just love photographing women of all ages.  I really enjoy it most when I am able to relax my client so the expression is natural.  This portrait session with Elvira was super fun.  I love her beautiful and face…and those eyes..so magnificent!   Her look was so perfect in all of our backdrop changes and even the make up.  I personally did her hair and make up. That was a lot fun.  We started with the light airy look for the casual outfit she wore and we moved to the more glamorous toward the end.  As we moved along, I applied heavier make up on her.  She looked amazing in the different looks I put her in.

Every woman should have a portrait.  Please call me at 916-749-2268 or email me at schoyt@comcast.net and book your portrait today and I’ll guarantee that it will be the most beautiful portrait of you you’ll ever have.

Roseville portrait of womanS89A7907S89A7923 copyS89A7931S89A7941S89A8030Portrait of woman in whiteS89A8043 copy copyS89A8054S89A8062S89A8065S89A8170Portrait of woman in blackS89A8180S89A8197S89A8243