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Serena is a beautiful young lady with a sweet demeanor. I just loved photographing her beautiful face.  She is very polite and kind-hearted.  I really enjoyed our senior portrait session.  Here are a few things about Serena and few tips about what to expect when you book a senior portrait session with Sharon Hoyt Photography.

  1. What extracurricular activities are you involved in? What about any interests?

I have played piano since kindergarten. My interests are traveling, and spending time with family and my boyfriend.

  1. What kind of look were you going for in the shoot?

I wanted to do a more modern/ urban style. I wore the striped t-shirt and black skirt and the polka dot dress because they reminded me of a Parisian look. I wore the blue dress because it was long and summery.

  1. How was your overall senior photo session experience?

I loved getting my makeup done and taking pictures. I really liked how my pictures turned out.

  1. What’s one piece of advice you have for other seniors getting their picture taken?

I would say be yourself and be relaxed. Just have fun!

  1. How many outfits did you bring and was it enough? Was it too much? Anything you’d change?

I brought 3 outfits and they were the perfect amount!

  1. How did you choose to accessorize your outfits?

I wore necklaces and earring with each outfit.

7.  How would you advise someone else to prepare for a senior photo session?

Pick a cute outfit that you really love and that you’re comfortable in!

8.  Any tips on hair or makeup? Please list any vendors/salons you went to here, as well.

Make sure you bring hairspray or gel for fly away hairs.

9.  What was your biggest fear or worry about the photo shoot? What was the outcome?

I was worried my hair would keep ruining the pictures because of the wind. Surprisingly, the wind actually helped with my hair and made it look natural.

10. If you chose our session location, tell me why you chose that place. Did you like the location?

I chose Old Roseville because I wanted to have an urban area with bricks and street lamps.

11.  What are your plans for after high school graduation?

I will be attending Sacramento State in Fall 2016 as a child development major. I can’t wait to become an elementary school teacher!

12.  What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

I would say I’m passionate, caring and determined.


It was so much fun photographing Matthew’s senior portraits. He warmed up to the camera pretty darn quick.  I really loved getting come cool photo of him next to his favorite planes. I’ve known him since he was in kindergarten with my twin boys. I loved hearing his plans for the future. He wants to be writer. He also has this passion for airplanes and volunteers at Aerospace Museum. Of course, we had to take his photos in his awesome uniform. Good luck, Matthew. I’m sure you will do amazingly in anything you set mind to.


The beautiful wedding of Pauline and Danny was all day affair that started at Pauline’s mother’s house.  It was traditional Chinese ceremony where the groom needed to do whatever the bridesmaids tell them to do before he can come and see his beloved bride to be.  Of course, they took every opportunity of making sure it wasn’t easy at all.  Some of the funny acts the bridesmaid had the men do was that they had to lick mayonnaise from the tip of the banana as fast as they could and loser had to eat a packet of stale butter….so gross.  But they did it and at last, Danny was able to get permission to come in and see his bride.  Of course, Pauline looked stunning in her long red Chinese gown.  And so the tea ceremony takes place.  As part of the tradition, they now head out to Danny’s parent’s house where the Cambodian tea ceremony started.  Lots of laugh and the food was amazing.

Afterwards, we headed over to a location dear to the couples heart which is the playground they first met in grade school where Pauline played hard to get as Danny even at a young age had his loving eyes on her.  She said she used to tie him up on the play structure to torture him.  And so we reenacted it.  See photos below.  Danny and Pauline has a fun loving relationship.  We took lots of fun photos and played as well as we had so much time before the wedding.

After a short break, we headed over to The River Mill in French Camp.  I was so in awe of how gorgeous the place was and how gChineseTeaCeremony002ChineseTeaCeremony003ChineseTeaCeremony005ChineseTeaCeremony011ChineseTeaCeremony014ChineseTeaCeremony015ChineseTeaCeremony017ChineseTeaCeremony021ChineseTeaCeremony023ChineseTeaCeremony025ChineseTeaCeremony029ChineseTeaCeremony030ChineseTeaCeremony031ChineseTeaCeremony032ChineseTeaCeremony033ChineseTeaCeremony037ChineseTeaCeremony039ChineseTeaCeremony040ChineseTeaCeremony041ChineseTeaCeremony042ChineseTeaCeremony043ChineseTeaCeremony044ChineseTeaCeremony046Therivermill047Therivermill049Therivermill052Therivermill053Therivermill054Therivermill055Therivermill057Therivermill058Therivermill059Therivermill064Therivermill066Therivermill067Therivermill069Therivermill070Therivermill072Therivermill076Therivermill078Therivermill079Therivermill080Therivermill081Therivermill083Therivermill084Therivermill085Therivermill087Therivermill088Therivermill089Therivermill090Therivermill092Therivermill093Therivermill094Therivermill096Therivermill098Therivermill100Therivermill102Therivermill104Therivermill105Therivermill106Therivermill109Therivermill112Therivermill113Therivermill114Therivermill115Therivermill116Therivermill117Therivermill118Therivermill119Therivermill120Therivermill121Therivermill122Therivermill129Therivermill134Therivermill140Therivermill141Therivermill142Therivermill150Therivermill152Therivermill154Therivermill159rea.  The gardens were meticulously kept  and designed so beautifully.  Lots of nooks and crannies to explore.  The wedding was perfect with doves, laughters, and good food.  I’m so honored to have been part of another wedding from their family.  I photographed her sister’s wedding, Diana two years ago.  See Diana and Perot’s wedding was just as beautiful.  The whole family was fun and warm.  I posted Pauline and Danny’s engagement photos just before this.  You should check it out.  It was lovely.

Pauline and Danny, I’m so happy to be part of your wedding day!

I just photographed Pauline and Danny’s wedding last weekend and I never posted these beautiful photos from their engagement session from last year.   I had such an amazing time with them.  They are fun and easy going.  They both love to laugh.  I just love spending time with them.   I will be posting their wedding photos this week.   So come back soon!


“I look forward to making the most of my senior year through making memories with my friends while continuing to learn as much as I can.” – NicoRosevilleSeniorPhotographer14RosevilleSeniorPhotographer13RosevilleSeniorPhotographer09


I’m a proud auntie to this young man who is a hard working kid.  He is smart, handsome, athletic..and so on:-)

We are celebrating upcoming seniors this week!! I’m so very excited for this young kids.

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