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SeniorPortraitBoyI’ve know Jared since he was in kindergarten.   My twin boys were in the same class.  It’s amazing to see these boys grow up in front my eyes.  I can’t believe my boys are also graduating from high school.   Wow, right?  I’ll have my twin boys senior portrait on the blog soon.  I was so honored that his mom called on me to take Jared’s senior portraits.  We incorporated Jared senior portrait with their family session.  I’ll post those soon, too!  I loved our photo session.   The lighting was perfect and we were able to find cool little nooks to photograph at.  I especially like the wild grass setting.  We were about to leave and, luckily I turned around and was inspired by grassy field.  It turned out to be my and Jared’s favorite photo.  I like that he brought a few of his favorite things like his guitar and rugby ball.  I like that I can incorporate the things that is part of who he is in his portraits.  It’s something he will want to remember.  SeniorGuy01SeniorGuy02SeniorGuy03SeniorGuy04SeniorGuy05SeniorGuy06


I wanted to share my most amazing vacation in Waikiki just last week.  I’ve been so busy with moving just before we headed out to Hawaii.  What a stressful week.  So this vacation was a welcome R&R.  I love walking the beach at sunset and enjoying the amazing view.  We even took a whaling sailing trip.  We didn’t see any whales but the experience of sailing and seeing Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head at a different angle was worth every penny. We even hiked Diamond Head and got an amazing view and on the walk back, we saw a rainbow.  I am so ready to go back.

All these photos were taken with my iPhone with a little magic using photoshop.  I love my iPhone.

Hawaiian Sunset01Hawaiian Sunset02Hawaiian Sunset03Hawaiian Sunset04Hawaiian Sunset05Hawaiian Sunset06Hawaiian Sunset07Hawaiian Sunset08Hawaiian Sunset09Hawaiian View of Diamond head

I have a huge passion with photographing children. I never posted some of these before and I thought why not share it.  This us just a sneak peak. I’ll be adding some more soon.

I’ve been photographing these two little ones since they were a few months old.  They’ve grown so much and so cute.  I love photographing in a natural environment where the kids and play and be themselves.  The little one love to play “catch me”.  I love his giggles. And big sister is so cute. Her smile just melts my heart.  01RosevilleFamilyPortraits02RosevilleFamilyPortraits03RosevilleFamilyPortraits04RosevilleFamilyPortraits05RosevilleFamilyPortraits06RosevilleFamilyPortraits07RosevilleFamilyPortraits

I inadvertently left her images on my screen after Jane left  to view her beautiful photos in my studio.  Another client who came pick up an order saw Jane’s photos on my screen and said, “Wow, those are gorgeous photos.  I’m sure she’s so happy with her senior portrait.”  She was shocked when I told her this woman is in her forties and that she is a mother of two.  I was telling Jane this must’ve been how she looked like in her twenties.  She laughed.  We both had a great time during this fun fashion photo shoot.  I think it’s more than just your average portrait session.  She got to show off her gorgeous figure and youthful smile naturally and authentically.  I love what I do…can you tell!

Would you like to experience this for yourself? Call now and book a session.  You deserve it!  916-749-2268.